Delton Cunningham

Delton is a Certified Public Accountant and has over 30 years experience, including over 20 years in senior operational roles in the homebuilding, real estate, and flooring industries.

Delton Is A Certified Public Accountant And Has Over 30 Year’s Experience, Including Over 20 Years In Senior Operational Roles In The Homebuilding, Real Estate, And Flooring Industries.

Delton began his career as a tax accountant with the Miami office of Arthur Andersen. Delton has served as Chief Operating Officer of Lifestyle Floors, a major Florida flooring distributor. He spent five years as President and CEO of affiliated Tampa Bay area homebuilders, after serving for two years as Chief Financial Officer of Inland Homebuilding Group.

Prior to that, he was Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the Danlin Group, a real estate development and hospitality firm with extensive holdings in the Cayman Islands. Delton spent eight years as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Bovie Medical Corporation; an American Stock Exchange Company headquartered in Melville, NY. He also served as President of the Asset Protection Program Risk Retention Group, a South Carolina captive insurance company that provided insurance to its member homebuilders.

Delton is committed to the idea that Front Light never builds a home that he or any member of the team would not be proud to live in. He firmly believes that we should never ask a homeowner to accept anything that we would not accept in our own home.    

A graduate of The University of Florida, he was born in Pensacola and raised in the Tampa Bay area. Delton and his wife, Robin, have three children: Brittany, Kaylee, Hunter, and two grandchildren. They have fallen in love with the Lowcountry and even though they are both Native Floridians, intend to make it their permanent home.

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I have always enjoyed accounting—I guess you could say it runs in my blood. My father received his accounting degree from the University of Texas at Austin and was a Cost Accountant for the Carnation Company in Houston, Texas before moving on to a life-long career with the Internal Revenue Service.

My son received his undergraduate accounting degree from Ole Miss and his graduate degree from Wake Forest and is currently an Audit Senior for Deloitte in Atlanta. My first job was as a cashier at my friend’s Dad’s gas station and my favorite part of the job was closing and reconciling each day’s sales.

In Graduate School I was a Cost Accounting Graduate Assistant before moving on to my first job at Arthur Andersen. I am already preparing to groom my grandchildren, as we have to maintain the family tradition of at least one accountant in each generation.

~ Delton Cunningham, CFO

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