Chip Adams

Originally from the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, Chip moved over the river into Wisconsin in 1999. Chip showed an interest in, and learned home-building from a very young age growing up in a custom home-building family with his father and four older brothers.

Chip Started Out as A Laborer, Sailed Through Three Years of Union Carpentry School, And Then Moved Up Through The Ranks From Framer To Foreman, And Eventually And Superintendent. Chip Has Since Acquired 44 Years of Residential Construction Experience.

Chip attended Hennepin County Technical College for Business Management. In 1986, he started a custom home building/remodeling company which he owned until 2012. Chip has held a General Contractor license (GC License) in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. In 2012, Chip moved to Hilton Head Island with his wife Linda of 43 blissful years and will be celebrating his 40th wedding anniversary this year. Chip has three grown children – two located here in Bluffton, SC, and one in Bismark, ND. Altogether Chip is a busy granddad with a total of seven grandchildren.

Currently, Chip holds licenses in real estate and home inspection in South Carolina. After moving on from his love of flying planes you will now find Chip golfing, traveling, hanging out with family and friends, playing games, spending a good deal of time with my grandchildren, and attending their schooling/sporting events.

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I grew up in the Minneapolis, MN area where I met my wife in high school. We have been married for 40 years, with three grown children and seven grandchildren. I grew up in a family of homebuilders, with my father and four older brothers leading the way. I have been in the homebuilding business now for over 40 years. I owned a custom home building business in Minnesota and Wisconsin for 26 years prior to moving to South Carolina in 2012. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with the kids/grandkids, friends, and traveling. I am an avid golfer and I use to love flying airplanes, especially aerobatics.

~ Chip Adams, Sr. Project Manager

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