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Design The Home Of Your Dreams - Fast.

We strive to make the design process as easy and fun as possible for our clients.

That’s why we have compiled nearly every finish option available for our homes, from the trim to the tile and everything in between, and made samples available to new clients right in our office.

Clients can now visualize and design their homes quickly and often in just one session with the help of our design experts. As our client, you will work directly with our Director of Design who offers a hands-on, professional, and fun experience.

Our goal is to create a design-focused space that streamlines your selection-making process. Please note that design appointments can vary in time based on the size of your home. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure your dream becomes reality.

"Every Great Design Begins with An Even Better Story."

- Lorinda Mamo, Designer

Prepare For Your Design Center Appointment

Our design coordinator will work to accomplish the look you want, within your budget. Regardless of the size of your home, it is important that you do your homework and are able to work through the details.

Digital Solutions


Front Light Building Company has always strived to be innovative and find different ways to get to the end zone by not just working hard but also working smart. In fact, we are revolutionizing how customers “see” their homes come to life. We have forged a partnership with Paradigm, a new acquisition by Builders FirstSource, to take our 2-D renderings, ever-changing cost information, and design choices and bring them to the 3-D, interactive space.

Furthermore, taking information that we created through our team of architects and planners and digitizing it into a 3-D BIM (Building Information Management) software allows us and our clients the ability to visualize and create an entire house on the platform and use the plans and data to actually build the home accurate to the computed 3-D model.

With Paradigm and Front Light, two worlds, construction and technology, come together to produce an integrated 3-D platform that encompasses so many needs for our customers and for our processes (i.e. accuracy, structure, pricing, visualization and more).



See the virtual builder in action and watch these homes come to life in 3-D with the virtual design tools from Digital Tools Powered by Pardigm.®



Why did the team at Front Light decide to “go digital” and integrate these groundbreaking cost, time, and material-saving processes?

Hear directly from Front Light’s CEO, Matt Green, on how Front Light’s organization strives to redefine the future of homebuilding while maintaining a tradition of building beautiful homes where people can create lasting memories.

Why did Front Light embrace digital tools, and how do they shape our building process, from sales to construction?

The Builders First Source Digital Tools powered by Paradigm presents a suite of products that allows our organization to fully engage in the use of these products. The products range from drafting and plan conceptualization, to build optimize where we can actually build the house virtually in 3D with our trades, to home configure which allows us to show the various interior and exterior options to our buyers to doing a real photorealistic walk-through tour of the house with the homeowner’s selections incorporated.

It’s truly remarkable how these products tie together seamlessly, and most importantly allows our operations to be very accurate with our estimates and pricing.

How do modern construction tools impact the industry, addressing its key challenges, and fostering trust and momentum within the field?

Trades are the key engine to making the construction happen in the field. It’s been frustrating over the last 3 years because the stress on trade activity has been overwhelming.

We are using the BFS Build Optimize tool to take the 2D sets of plans and create a Digital Twin of the house. We then use this 3 D model and work with the framer, HVAC contractor, electrician, and plumber to build the house in a virtual setting with all the various components of each discipline.It’s a series of meetings where we come together to talk about challenges and specifically address where the clash detection points exist between the various trade disciplines.

This has never happened in all my years of building, and I am personally seeing incredible benefits including better quality, cost savings, take off accuracy and more confidence and momentum between our team and the trades.

How do modern construction tools help the industry, solving challenges and building trust and momentum?

The customer’s 5-star experience is what we are striving for when building a new home for our customers. Our new digital strategy allows us to incorporate the customer immediately into the build experience by letting them see and experience the Digital Twin and house in a 3D setting. No longer do they experience a set of 2D plans, but they can walk through the house literally as a person.

Additionally, we can now do a real live walk-through virtual tour of the house in a true photorealistic manner. What’s even more impressive is that once we go through our design process, we can take those selections and include them on the walkthrough and even give the customer a set of Virtual Reality goggles to feel the true perception of the house!

Crafting Your Dream Home

Design Recap

Explore our concise design recap, a crucial step before your appointment. Uncover the keys to shaping your ideal home by aligning aesthetics with your lifestyle and budget. Our expert coordinator will skillfully blend your vision into reality, ensuring a seamless journey regardless of your home's size. Prioritize your design journey by delving into vital considerations, from daily habits to budgetary focus, creating a space that authentically reflects your essence.

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