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At Front Light Building Company, our proven 5 Simple Steps process, one-stop-shop physical Design Center, and cutting-edge digital design tools ensure a 5-star experience and a quality home you'll love.

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A Design Build Experience As Luxurious as the Homes We Build

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Fully custom, or from a proven plan: Experience our simplified and worry-free home building journey with the proven 5 Simple Steps process, tailored to you.

Save Time & Trouble

Eliminate all the drives to different offices and showrooms, instead enjoy the convenience of our luxury one-stop-shop Design Center. Plus, see your plans in immersive 3D before construction.

Live Happily Ever After

Premium plans, detailed design, and quality materials set the stage for detail-oriented craftsmanship that brings your dream to reality. Enjoy your Low-Country Lifestyle with our ongoing expert care and warranty.

Living their Luxury Low-Country Dreams

"We chose a Front Light plan and customized it to fit our needs and we couldn’t be happier with the quality Lowcountry home that they built for us."

Peter & Cheryl Gaillard
Peter & Cheryl Gaillard

"Integrity, transparency, and dependability permeate the entire organization making our interactions uniformly positive and highly collaborative."

Alice & Tommy Wright
Alice & Tommy Wright
Palmetto Bluff

"I am over the moon excited to begin the journey of building a home with Front Light Builders. I have been embraced and made welcome by the entire team!"

Unmatched Process, Team, & Execution - What you get with Front Light Building Co.

Front Light Building Company

Note from the Founder


Thank you for being here! I'd like to share a bit of our story, one that's pretty close to my heart. You see, this whole adventure started with the warm glow of my grandma's front light. That light was more than just a shimmer in a lamp; it was a beacon of hospitality, shining bright in Coastal South Carolina, welcoming everyone who passed by. And let me tell you, my grandma knew a thing or two about making folks feel at home—her house always had the smell of fresh-baked cookies, ready for us kids after school.

Here at Front Light, we're all about bringing that same sense of warmth and welcome to every home we build. We're not just in the business of hammering nails and sawing wood; we're here to create places where families can gather, laugh, and make memories that last a lifetime. Our homes are inspired by the Low-country charm, mixing the old with the new, to make sure building your dream home is as enjoyable as a Sunday porch sit-down.

Our team's got plenty experience tucked under our belts, and we're really proud of the craftsmanship and care we bring into every project. We're all about smart living—our homes are designed to be as open and comfortable as a hug from grandma, with all the modern conveniences you could want. And we don't skimp on the good stuff; what others might call an upgrade, we see as just the right way of doing things.

Our in-house design center is where all the magic happens. It's where your dreams and our skill come together to create something truly special. Building a home with us is like a good conversation on a front porch swing—easy, filled with smiles, and something you'll remember fondly as you enjoy your home for years to come.

Our homes are crafted for folks who appreciate the finer things and don't want the fuss. With floor plans that stretch from cozy to spacious, we ensure that easy living and low maintenance don't mean compromising on space for making memories or hosting a big get-together.

So, if you're looking to plant your roots in a place where tradition meets tomorrow, give us a shout. Here at Front Light, we're lighting the way to homes that are meant to be lived in and loved for generations.

Looking forward to welcoming you home,

Matt Green
President & CEO, Front Light Building Co.

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